Portable Restrooms FAQ’s

These are some of the questions our customers want answers to. If you have a question which is not listed feel free to give us a call or email us for the answer. We are always happy to help!

Q – Is there a minimum number of days to rent portable restrooms?

Q – How long will the portable toilet remain at my venue?

Q – Do I need special permission from the landowner, local government, etc?

Q – How often are the units pumped out?

Q – What if I need our unit(s) pumped out sooner?

Q  – What if I need more supplies such as sanitizer and toilet paper?

Q – What if something gets broken on the unit during my event or the time I am renting the portable restrooms?

Q – What if the portable restroom gets overturned?

Q – What if I or one of my guests drop something into the toilet?

Septic System FAQ’s

If you have a question which is not listed feel free to give us a call or email us for the answer. We are always happy to help!

When you call Williams & Sons Services Inc. we will make sure that your septic tank is cleaned properly every time by our well trained technicians.  You can rest assured that there will no solids left behind and your tank will be as close to new as possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with the job your technician does please call our office and ask to speak with the owner John Williams.  Below I have listed the questions most often asked by our clients.

How often should I have my septic tank cleaned ? –  This is the number one question we receive when we are out on the job.  The answer depends on how big your septic tank is and how many people are currently living in your home. The frequency you should have your septic tank cleaned is dependent on how fast the solids build up in the tank.  On average a family of four with a 1000 gallon tank will need to get system pumped out about every 3 years.   Please refer to the chart below for estimate on how of often the average septic tank should need cleaned.

Why should I clean my septic tank ? –  The reason you need clean your septic tank is to remove solids that build up over time while the system is being used.  If a septic system does not get cleaned, over time the solids will build up in the tank to the point where they pass thru into you drainage field or sand mound and begin to cause damage to them.  Unfortunately septic systems do not give any warning signs as to when they need cleaned. When signs of septic system problems begin to show, there is usually damage already done to the system.

What happens if I never clean my septic tank ? –   Over time, a septic system that is neglected will begin to allow solids to pass thru septic tank into the drainage field, these solids will begin to clog up the ability of your drainage field or sand mound  to absorb the sewage water it was design for.  When enough solids pass thru your septic tank into your drainage field, it will stop working all together and fail.

What are the signs of septic system problems ? –

1. Slow or completely plugged drains.

2. The yard over the drainage field is soft or a foul smelling and black liquid is coming out of the ground.

3. Very lush green grass over the drainage field accompanied by very soft ground.

4. Black liquid coming out of the ground above your septic tank

5. When you see the the waste level inside your tank higher than 6-10 inches from the top of the tank.

6. Foul odors

Why is the alarm going off on my septic system ? –  First, when you have an alarm on a septic system it usually means you own a sand mound system.  These systems generally have two tanks, the main tank and a dosing tank.  When your alarm is going off, it almost always means that the pump in your dosing tank has stopped working.  You will need to have the dosing tank cleaned and hosed down to determine what is causing the pump failure.

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